Crested Butte Wheels of Intention

Unique, community-built wheels of intention throughout CB


This kinetic, interactive art tour consists of eight wheels mounted in and around Elk Ave in downtown Crested Butte. Each wheel has a community-focused theme and a design team comprised of a local artist, a non-profit partner, and a sponsor. Scan the QR codes on the plaques below each wheel to discover more about the wheel and continue your self-guided tour.

This public art tour aims to educate, inspire, and highlight our connections to our mountain environs, each other, and ourselves. This tour invites you to pause, reflect and think about our place in this vast: multi-verse-universe-galaxy-solar system-star-planet-earth-north America-Colorado-Rocky Mountains-coal creek watershed-Crested Butte. Songwriter David Byrne asks: “How did I get here?” The chorus reply is “Once in a lifetime!”

We invite you to take the tour, enjoy the website, and participate. We welcome you and encourage you to wander, wonder and appreciate your time in Crested Butte. 

Welcome in multiple languages

The CB Wheels of Intention is dedicated to kindness, peace, love, and community stewardship that nurtures our connection and healthy relationships among all beings and energies in this mountain valley we call Paradise!

– Caroline McLean

Our Unique Wheel Art

Tour the Wheels

Take our self-tour through the wheels in downtown Crested Butte.

Start at the Visitor’s Center (601 Elk St).  Take a moment to pause, breathe, look around and admire our first wheel, Community Collaborations.  Scan the QR code on the plaque and read the wheel page.  Make an intention of appreciation. Spin the handle clockwise and visualize your intention being released into the universe.  Press the “Next Wheel” button on the wheel page and continue your tour.  Love the wheels? Leave us a review!

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