Wheels of Intention Contributors

CB Wheels of Intention Acknowledges our Volunteers, Wheels Teams, and Thumbs-up Supporters

Volunteers Who Rock Our World!

Crested Butte is an active community that gives generously and cares about each other (including our natural environment). These attributes are the glue that makes dreams come true. The Crested Butte Wheels of Intention is beyond grateful to all who participate in making magic happen. Thank you for your continued support as we move forward into Phase 2: The Mother Wheel!  Discover all the ways you can get involved.

Lead Movers & Shakers

Caroline McLean, Executive Director & Visionary

Nathan Bilow, Videographer/Photographer

Carin Lockhart, Website Developer

Lama Gyurme Rabgyes, Tibetan Artist

Our 8 Wheel Teams

Community Collaborations – Together We Are Strong
Lead Artist: Mimi Mather
+ Messy Monday’s Kids and the  CB Trailhead Museum
Partner: Gunnison County Library District, Crested Butte Library
Sponsor: Crested Butte Arts Festival
Host: Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce, 601 Elk Ave

Sacred , Wild and Free – Mystery, Magic & Mischief
: Laura Cooper Elm
Partner: Crested Butte Land Trust
: Elk Ave T-Bar
Host: Mountain Tails, 501 Elk Ave

Life in Paradise – Diversity, Place, Heritage
: Adam Freed
Partner: Crested Butte Museum
Sponsor: Lang Ingalls
Host: Townie Books, 414 Elk Ave

Hills Are Alive – Inspired By Nature
: Audrey Anderson and The Red Ladies (Susanne Pierson, Stephanie White, Jennifer Rose, Angie Carroll, & Margo Levy)
Partner: High Country Conservation Advocates
Sponsor and Host
: Mountain Earth Organic Grocer, 405 4th St.
Thirst for Knowledge – Imagination, Ingenuity & Intellect
: Kate Seeley
Partner: Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Sponsor and Host: The Secret Stash, 303 Elk Ave
Peaceful Abiding – Welcome, Wander & Wonder
: Heather Bischoff
Partner: KBUT Community Radio
Sponsor and Host: Sherpa Café, 313 3rd St.
Oh Be Joyful – Valley of Infinite Delights
: Margaret Galvin Johnson
Partner: Adaptive Sports Center
Sponsor and Host: Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven, 207 Elk Ave
Our Wonderous Watershed – Water is Life
Artist: John Bukaty Partner: Coal Creek Watershed Coalition
Sponsor: The Last Steep (Hartigan Family & Friends)
Host: Cricket Farrington, 126 Elk Ave #1 West

Community Supporters: Groups & Businesses

Creative District Logo

Community Supporters: Individuals

  • Susan Anderton
  • Leslie Annand
  • Lama Tsultrium Allione
  • Andrew Arell and family
  • Jane and Murray Banks
  • Keith and Jodi Bauer
  • Sarah Beabout
  • Dawne Belloise
  • Ashley Bembenek
  • Johnna Bernholtz
  • Drew Brookhart
  • Nel Burkett
  • Kelly Jo and Tim Clark
  • Alicia Corliss
  • Judy Cox
  • Kathy Cox
  • Corrine and Roger Cram
  • Raynor Czerwinski
  • Anna-Marie Davidson
  • Alli Del Gizzi
  • Ben Eaton
  • Lilavate Eberle
  • Kyleena Falzone
  • Xavier Fane
  • Maria Fenerty
  • Ali Fuchs
  • Kevin Hartigan
  • Brett Henderson
  • John Hess
  • Melinda Hulm
  • Karen Jensen
  • Josephine Kellett
  • Evan Kezsbom
  • Ivy Kim
  • Gary Klifman
  • TJ Koehler
  • Karma and Chimey Lama
  • Lucille Lucas
  • Our Crested Butte KIDS !
  • Paul Mack
  • Vicki Mandell
  • Melissa Mason
  • Reggie Masters
  • Chelsea Dalporto-McDowell
  • Cynthia McLean
  • Spencer, Woo, Susan McLean (guiding spirits)
  • Brooke McMillian
  • Ben McLoughlin
  • Alyssa Moore
  • Tali Morrison
  • Molly Murphee
  • Sue Navy
  • Tsering Norboo
  • Kathy Norgard
  • Travis Hamel Olsen
  • Barb Pachla
  • Jackson Petito
  • Shelley Popke
  • Danica and Arvin Ramgoolam
  • Brittany Phelps Romano
  • Teresa Schaul
  • Jeff Scott
  • Kaitlyn Seifert
  • Sandy Shea
  • Shyam Shresthra
  • Namkha Sherpa
  • Nima Yangjee Sherpa
  • Stacey Shultz
  • MJ Simmons
  • Frank Stern
  • Sandy Sullivan
  • Jalene Szuba
  • Marcie Tealander
  • Joe Thinnes
  • Laura Tomlinson
  • Joe Thinnes
  • Laura Tomlinson
  • Scott Truex
  • Ginny Turner
  • Sue Wallace
  • David Wilcove
  • Sue and Tim Williamson
  • Chelsay Wilson
  • Joanie Windsor
  • Allegra Wolff
  • Blake Woodward
  • Johanna Worley
  • Taylor Worsham

***NOTE: We apologize if we accidentally overlooked your name or business. We are interested to hear from you, and we would like this list to continue to grow. Community participation is our ticket to success! Thank you!

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