Our Wonderous Watershed

Water is Life

126 Elk Ave #1 West

Keep it Clean, We all Live Downstream

We live in the headwaters of the Colorado River Basin, beneath an alpine paradise that forms a small part of the larger interconnected watershed. Each year, snow accumulates on the peaks surrounding Crested Butte. Spring snowmelt feeds our rivers and streams which support native habitats, wildlife, agricultural lands, and our local communities. Cascading forth, the water flows as a trickle, gaining strength and power, bearing the signatures of our existence, a witness to our stewardship. Water, a precious renewable resource, connects us all, and we all live downstream.   

Wondrous watershed artwork


Artist: John Bukaty
Partner: Coal Creek Watershed Coalition
Sponsor: The Last Steep (the Hartigan Family & Friends)
Host: Cricket Farrington

Spin the Wheel

Take a moment to pause, breathe, look around and admire the wheel.  Scan the QR code on the plaque and read about the wheel.  Make an intention of appreciation.  Spin the handle clockwise and visualize your intention into the universe.

John Bukaty
Slate River
The Last Steep
Wonderous Watershed
Behind Bones

Take the path on the right of Bones, cross the river bridge, and you’ll find the wheel mounted on the log building under the eave.

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