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The Wheels of Intention Community Art Project

This project is about being inspired by nature, appreciating life, and giving back to our community and planet.  The Wheels of Intention is the brainchild of Caroline McLean.  While on a pilgrimage to Bhutan in 2017, Caroline’s vision of giving back to her mountain community became clear – bring Prayer Wheels to Crested Butte.

Prayer Wheels are ubiquitous in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and the mountainous regions of the Himalayas.  They come in many sizes and are usually very ornate and decorative.  They are called Prayer wheels because they spin, and inside, on the center spindle and surrounding scrolls, are community wishes that ask for things like peace and prosperity, abundance and fertility, health and wellbeing.  They are auspicious symbols of respectful abiding and good times ahead.  Most prayer Wheels are manually activated to spin.  They are like interactive prayer flags, and since prayer flags are common in Crested Butte, why not Prayer Wheels!  They are interactive, educational, and embody the interconnections between mountains and their peoples. 

Upon returning home from Bhutan, Caroline hosted three slideshows to present her travels, inspirations, and ambitions of bringing prayer wheels to Crested Butte.  The community was supportive.  Namkha Sherpa, a local resident, gifted her a beautiful prayer wheel from Nepal.  A yoga friend who heard about the project sent Caroline a hand-held wheel from Tibet.  From Ladakh, India, we also received a “Zung”- a sacred mantra scroll given to us by a Buddhist mentor, Tsering Norboo.  In 2019, Neil Windsor, a local Sculptural Artist/Designer, jumped in fully, started designing our CB wheels, and became a co-partner in bringing the CB Wheels of Intention Project to life!  Finally, in 2022, Nathan Bilow, a local videographer, launched our vision with his video “ The Crested Butte Wheels.”  Our wheel teams (artist, non-profit partner, sponsor, and host) formed quickly, and community art began in earnest.  This project has been four years in the making.  It has involved hundreds of hours and hundreds of people and is 100% volunteer-driven.  Please scroll down to learn about Phase 2: The Mother Wheel and how you can give back and participate in community fun!

Phase 1: June 2022

Phase 2: The Mother Wheel

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. – Thomas Edison

The Crested Butte Wheels of Intention Phase 1 is a community-inspired project and four years of volunteer efforts in the making. This public art represents our community’s determination, creativity, and passion for environmental health and wellbeing. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. We are not separate, and it is time to acknowledge nature’s gifts and wisdom so that future generations can thrive.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by its members’ compassionate actions. – Coretta Scott King

In Bhutan, prayer wheels of all sizes are ubiquitous symbols of community love and appreciation. It was here that the Crested Butte Wheels of Intention Public Art Project was conceived. Bhutan is a small mountainous country tucked between India and China – their motto is the land of gross national happiness. The Bhutanese prayer wheel attributes of kindness, peace, and generosity inspired our own larger vision.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. – Dr. Seuss

With the Wheels of Intention Phase 2, we will create a permanent public art project that acknowledges and gives thanks to the beauty of our mountain landscape. The vision is to create an outdoor space where people can sit quietly and connect with something greater than themselves. The plan is to commission a sculptural artist to create a “Mother Wheel of Intention,” a symbol that speaks “Together we are Strong.”  

We invite you to participate in The Crested Butte Wheels of Intention Phase 2 and help expand our vision. 

Honey is the gift of bees, and generosity is the gift of love. – Caroline McLean

With Blessings and love, Caroline McLean and Neil Windsor

Get Involved!

You can stay connected and participate by:

  • Submitting an intention (how to write an intention)
  • Watching our video and joining our Thumbs Up Supporters List for Phase 2
  • Joining our mailing list to receive limited project updates and events blasts (we will not sell or share your email)
  • Following us on Facebook
  • Supporting the Pledge Crested Butte (coming soon through the Chamber)
  • Volunteering at the CB Art’s Festival/Wheels of Intention Art Booth (8/5-7,22)
  • Making your own wheel
  • Participating in the Phase 2 Vision
  • Donating funds
  • Donating a site with a view for a 25’ covered wheel park
  • Providing web hosting for our site
  • Joining an ad-hoc, short-term public art committee for some fun-raising
  • Starting your own intentions project

You can always email us with questions at info@cbwheelsofintention.org.

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