The Hills are Alive

Inspired by Nature

Mountain Earth Organic Grocer, 405 4th St

The Earth has Music for Those Who Listen.

– William Shakespeare

High Country Conservation Advocates formed in 1977 to protect our town from a proposed mine on Red Lady (aka Mt. Emmons). The Red Lady Salvation Ball, HCCA’s annual fête and one of the most popular occasions in town, began in 1978 as a way to celebrate Red Lady, just as Amax, Inc. was preparing to defile her. Through the decades, at each Red Lady Ball, amidst a frenzy of red costumes, a “Red Lady” has been selected and celebrated with acclaim. The “Red Lady” is picked for attributes that include a sincere devotion to our community and environment. The honoree (usually female) will represent the embodiment and soul of the mountain for the following year, serving Red Lady well on many occasions, bringing new talent and energy to a growing “sisterhood.”
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Red Lady Artwork


Artist: Audrey Anderson & the Red Ladies
Partner: High Country Conservation Advocates
Sponsor & Host: Mountain Earth Organic Grocer

Spin the Wheel

Take a moment to pause, breathe, look around and admire the wheel.  Scan the QR code on the plaque and read about the wheel.  Make an intention of appreciation.  Spin the handle clockwise and visualize your intention into the universe.

Audrey Anderson
Mt CB Image HCCA
Mountain Earth
Life in Paradise
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