Community Collaborations

Together We are Strong

Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce, 601 Elk Ave

Home is Where the Heart is

Overlapping, connected hearts represent community.   In Crested Butte, the community’s heartbeat resonates loudly and proudly.  Approach quietly and respectfully and you’ll feel its warmth. 

To celebrate the strength and beauty of our community, we turned to the youth.  During the Spring of 2022, we convened young creatives ranging from 3 to 12 years old at the Crested Butte Library and created community-inspired art together.  The collaboration with the Messy Monday kids and other local youth resulted in the wonderful “heart art” collection that adorns this wheel. 

We invite you to spin the wheel, give thanks for our community’s vibrant heartbeat, and rise up and love all beings.

hearts wheel


Artist: Mimi Mather & Community Kids
Partner: Gunnison County Library District, Crested Butte Library
Sponsor: Crested Butte Arts Festival
Host: Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce

Spin the Wheel

Take a moment to pause, breathe, look around and admire the wheel.  Scan the QR code on the plaque and read about the wheel.  Make an intention of appreciation.  Spin the handle clockwise and visualize your intention into the universe.

Mimi Mather
CB Library
Community Collaboration
The Chamber of Commerce
Peaceful Abiding
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