The Heart of our Wheels

Heartfelt, Community Intentions

Intentions are the conscious act of creating and making dreams come true, an aim that guides action. An intention is a force that rolls determination and spirit into one and hurls it into the universe. Intentions can take many forms, including poems, one-liners, heart-inspired passages, prayers, welcome statements, pledges, pictures, paintings, art, love songs, mission statements, and land acknowledgments. They can be symbols representing peace, love, generosity, reciprocity, and the act of giving back.

The Crested Butte Wheels of Intention is a conscious journey to raise heartfelt desires that uplift and bring joy, love, and respect to our greater community. These intentions are for you, your family, your neighbors, your community, our watershed, all species, all communities, global peace, love, generosity, and all things positive and good. 

Phase 1 Intentions

These images reflect the scroll of intentions housed within each wheel.

Interested in Submitting an Intention?

We invite everyone to submit a positive and heart-felt intention for Phase 2; The Mother Wheel: Together We Are Strong!

To write an intention, settle into your being. Connect to your heart and sense of place in Crested Butte. What do you love about this valley, this community, these mountains, rivers, and streams? What drew you to this place, and what is your top desire for Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley? Be genuine, visualize, imagine, and think of your friends and of the past, present, and future. Draw, write, express an intention and share! 

Submit intentions to:  All intentions will be listed anonymously on our intentions page, and the submitter’s name will be listed on our Thumbs-up Supporters Contributors Page unless otherwise requested. Thank you.

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