Sacred, Wild & Free

Magic, Mystery & Mischief

Mountain Tails, 506 Elk Ave

All Good Things are Wild and Free

– Hennry David Thoreau

Sacred, Wild, and Free acknowledges the intrinsic beauty of the landscape, its wild nature, and energies that protect our “Shire”. The mountain spirits are tangible, powerful, and omnipresent! There is mischief, magic, and mystery in this valley of alpenglow and rainbows. Frolic in the Wildflowers, play in our rivers and streams, dance and sing in the Great Out- Doors (GOD). Appreciate the unseen creator and thank your lucky stars!

Laura Cooper Elm


Artist: Laura Cooper Elm
Partner: Crested Butte Land Trust
Sponsor: T-Bar Tea House
Host: Mountain Tails

Spin the Wheel

Take a moment to pause, breathe, look around and admire the wheel.  Scan the QR code on the plaque and read about the wheel.  Make an intention of appreciation.  Spin the handle clockwise and visualize your intention into the universe.

Laura Cooper Elm
Crested Butte Land Trust
T-Bar Tea House
Sacred, Wild & Free
Mountain Tails
Life in Paradise
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