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Self Tour Instructions

This self-guided walking tour is located chiefly along Elk Ave. You will need a phone to access our wheel descriptions and map via a QR code on the accompanying plaques. You can also download a map if you prefer. This tour is one-way and approximately six blocks long. The recommended starting point is at the Visitor’s Center located at 601 Elk Ave. You are also welcome to start where you are and make a loop. You will end your tour at Our Wonderous Watershed Wheel, located along Coal Creek at 126 Elk Ave. To return to the Visitor’s Center, we suggest that you walk the alleys, take your time and enjoy an observant stroll back to the beginning.

To Begin:

  1. Start at the Visitor’s Center, located at  (6th & Elk).
  2. Pause, breathe, look around and admire our first wheel, Community Collaborations.
  3. Scan the QR code on the plaque and read about the wheel. Each wheel page provides more information about the wheel and its team, including images of the team creating their masterpiece. 
  4. Make an intention of appreciation.
  5. Spin the handle clockwise and visualize your intention being carried into the universe. 
  6. Press the “Next Wheel” button on the webpage and continue your tour.  Note: if you are doing a loop, you can also press the “Previous Wheel” button.

You can click the First Wheel button below to start your tour using your phone or download a printable map.   Leave us a review when you complete the tour.   Want to get involved?  Contact us, or read about volunteer and donation opportunities!

Thirst for Knowledge
The Secret Stash
Our Wonderful Watershed
Behind Bones
Sacred, Wild and Free
Mountain Tails
Hills are Alive
Mountain Earth Grocer
Peaceful Abiding
Sherpa Cafe
Life in Paradise
Townie Books
Community Collaborations
Chamber of Commerce

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